Guide to Marina Del Rey

Just a short distance from Venice Beach and Culver City, Marina Del Rey is probably best known for the elegant yachts and custom sail boats banked along the serene outline of its docks. The real estate boom has had a tremendous effect on this area as glittering high-rise condos rise up almost monthly offering awe-inspiring views of the Marina and surrounding beaches. The keen bargain seeking apartment shopper is also likely to find a shiny bauble among the diamonds if they look hard enough. (Insider Tip: SuperStar RE Agent Jesse Weinberg is the really the only name you need to know in this neighborhood.) As calm as the waters surrounding it can be, there is a sense of hustle and bustle to the whole place. To unwind, many locals and worker's in the nearby tech companies and new media firms hit the local bar scene to unwind. Known for it's good times and, in some cases, off-the-wall themes, these neighborhood haunts offer a chance for many to kick back and shake off the stress of the day or long week. If you are into motorcycles or classic cars, then this is the town for you. Many of its warehouse lined streets are filled with dealerships and specialty shops dealing in custom bikes and dream rides to go granted you have the financial wherewithal to pursue your toy of choice. More

Scenes from Marina Del Rey
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