Guide to Culver City

The city that Howard Hughes once called home, at least as far as his burgeoning aircraft company was concerned, Culver City has long been the little town in Los Angeles that is truly bigger than it seems. It has served as the dwelling for major film studios as well as the site for the production and development of many a television project. Feature films of note that have immortalized the back lots of Culver City include King Kong and the Wizard of Oz. The west coast headquarters of National Public Radio can be found here and it is still home to quite a number of prominent motion picture production houses. Quaint is a term that describes some of its major streets as they have an almost small town charm about them greatly evident in the architecture of many streets that seem to be like still shots lifted directly from long cherished movie reels. The city is also a hotbed of art galleries and a much recognized, rising artistic movement. A famous hotel offers after dinner drinks and lounging in an open downstairs lobby with a hint of the old Hollywood mischief echoing through its halls. Dining options from the cabaret to the simple pick up and split are available. Many boutique groceries can be found should one choose the dinner at home option. A trip to the Galeria can fill any after-work need for consumption, while local clubs offer a different chance to unwind and relax following the constant grind. More

Scenes from Culver City
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